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Holy Family
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  • "Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph", by Desmond Birch
  • Apostolate's Family Catechism by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik, S.V.D.
  • "FORGIVE FOR GOOD" by Dr. Fred Luskin

A Prodigal's Lament

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HDMI Converters

I stand mutely before you
In brokenness and shame
Forgive me, my Father,
Let me come home again.

The inheritance you have given me
I have squandered instead
of trusting in you
till our enemies had fled.
Then trusting you still
In the calm that would follow
And sharing your love
With your sons and daughters.

Savior, will you let me begin again?
Let me work hard to help you replace
All I have squandered,
All of the waste
Of time and years and love and grace.
Please let me serve you,
I will work for free
If only in your household
I may live and be.

Heal my blindness, cause me to see.
Fill my heart with your presence
And I shall be free
To learn to know you and walk in your way,
To love and serve you all of my days.

Holy Spirit, help me to hear
The True Shepherd's voice,
So strong and clear.
In your mercy, fill me with grace
Take away my pride, put me in my place.

And my brothers and sisters
Who are still on the road
I pray for them, Father,
It's such a heavy load
To be lost and wandering
More dead than alive
Let them find you, Jesus,
In you they will thrive.

Holy Spirit, seek them,
And let them find you.
Lead them on home,
There's so much to do;
The Father's Kingdom to pray for
The Body of Christ to heal
The Culture of Life to build
And we know that its real.

Joan C. Haselman
written January 1989

1 comment:

Theresa Lawson said...

Beautiful, Joan...I love you! God Bless You~
In Their Hearts,
Theresa Lawson

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